About Us

About Us

Liya was incorporated in 2019, accredited as BCA and HDB registered renovation company
providing affordable fees to help you design your dream.

Liya is a creative Interior Design Studio specializing in residential and commercial projects, offer reform solutions with designing, product sourcing and project execution for peace of mind.

Our professional trained designers are experienced, creative, knowledgeable, approachable and they committed to do it right from conceptual to implementation, provide the highest level of attention to detail. They are experts in blending majestic colour and unique materials together to gives a sense of wholeness.

With a collective experience of over 20 years from its founder, Liya is ready to serve and give you the finished products and excellent services you deserve.

After many years of exposure in the industry, its founder decided to start his journey of finding new opportunities for his career. His sincere heart & diligent attitude for his work has received many positive encouragements and blessings from his family, friends and customers. This allowed him to transform from a back-end support role to becoming a front liner serving end user for the integration of good design to fit every lifestyle.

He was graduated with Diploma in Interior Design, in year 1997 who fulfilling all stipulated certification requirements of Singapore Interior Design Accreditation Scheme SIDAS, accredited by the council as Interior Designer Practitioner Class 2.

A strong attention on a customer’s satisfaction during every contract closure and the knowledgeable and meticulous nature of him will ensure your spending is right, always remember you the client.


To provide efficient response with our profession and genuine services with fair pricing.


To create space accuracy with integration of good design for a safety and comfort to living, playing & work places.



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